Plastic vs Metal Gutters 

There are many advantages to aluminium guttering over the plastic alternatives. Here’s a breakdown of why it is our preferred choice of material. 

Aluminium gutters are more durable 

Aluminium is a roofers first choice for guttering as it has an expected lifespan of well over 30 years. Which is significantly longer than what you might expect from a uPVC alternative. It is stronger and is more resistant to impact, for example from falling trees or branches. Even resting a ladder against plastic guttering will likely damage it. 
Guttering made from aluminium is not affected by strong sunlight and high temperatures. However, uPVC gutters can fade and deteriorate in sunny conditions. 
One of the reasons that aluminium has such a long life-span is that it does not rust. Which is why it is such a perfect material. 
Extruded Aluminium Guttering Being Assembled
House with black seamless guttering. The brackets are hidden so they are not visible.

Seamless aluminium is leak-free 

Most gutter leaks are caused by the thermal expansion characteristics of plastic guttering. It expands and contracts more than any other building material in response to temperature changes. Let’s say, for example, that the morning sun warms a gutter from 10°C to 30°C. A 10-metre length of black plastic guttering would expand by 10mm. Of course, it would then cool again in the evening and shrink back again. 
In theory the joints accommodate this movement. The guttering should slide back and forth across rubber gaskets. In practice, however, the expansion gap can become blocked by leaves or by silt washed off the roof. Which means that the guttering might expand and then not be able to shrink back again. 
Over time, the affected section will gradually become longer until one of the joints comes apart and needs to be snapped back together. 
The constant movement as the guttering expands and contracts wears the rubber gaskets away. This is especially common on modern buildings which have interlocking concrete roof tiles. The silt washed off these roof tiles is gritty and combines with rainwater to form a very effective grinding paste. Which, when rubbed in by the expansion and contraction of the plastic gutter, will wear away the rubber gaskets. 
Seamless aluminium guttering isn’t susceptible to these problems as there are no joints to snap or rubber gaskets to deteriorate. 

Low Maintenance 

Because it is so durable and because there are so few parts to go wrong, it is virtually maintenance free. The guttering comes in a fade and scratch resistant powder coated finish in a choice of three colours. This highly durable finish means it will not need priming or painting. 

Easy to Install 

Because we cut your aluminium guttering to length on-site, we can do most of the work at ground level. It is a lightweight material so it’s easy to assemble and manoeuvre prior to fixing it to your roofline. 
Inside a newly installed aluminium gutter
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