Extruded Aluminium Gutters 

Once we have precisely measured your property, we use specialist machinery to extrude your guttering to the exact length required. Made from aluminium and powder coated in a choice of three colours, our seamless gutters are extremely durable. Aluminium is rust free and because there are no joins there are no leaks, creating a maintenance-free product. 

Seamless Extruded Gutters 

The Mustang Seamless Aluminium Gutter system is the only one in the UK that is certified by the BBA. Often, aluminium gutters are made from 0.7mm thick aluminium. However, our gutters are extruded from Hydrocoat Textured, 0.9mm thick aluminium. 
We bring our specialist extrusion machinery on-site and use rolls of pre-coated aluminium to extrude your guttering. The aluminium is pressed into the popular and stylish ogee shape in any length up to 30 metres. 
Inside a recently extruded aluminium gutter.
Aluminium gutters can be fitted with a leaf-guard, making them much easier to clean.

Maintenance-free Guttering 

Because our gutters are made from aluminium, they are rust free and extremely durable. The gutter coatings are made from colour matched UV stable polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to extreme weather and sunlight. This is a colourfast coating that will not fade with age so there is no need for painting. 
Because we extrude your guttering to the exact length of your property, there are no joining sections. uPVC gutters will expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate causing the joining sections to rub away at the seals. This ultimately will cause the guttering to leak. This is not a problem with seamless guttering. 
Mustang gutters are guaranteed for 10 years. However, you can realistically expect your gutters to give you well over 30 years of maintenance-free service. 

Stylish design 

Seamless guttering has a sleek, low profile that looks good on both modern and traditional buildings. The brackets that hold the guttering in place are internal so are not visible from the outside. So, it does not suffer from the unsightly joins or clunky brackets that traditional sectional guttering has. 

Free Quotation 

We are happy to give you a free quotation for your guttering. We don’t even need to visit your premises. If you can supply us with measurements and photographs of your existing guttering, we can give you a price. Try to include the floor area in your photographs so we can see what clearance we have for an installation. Please click here to contact us. 
Extruded continuous guttering has not joins and no external brackets, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance.
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