Aluminium Ogee Guttering 

The decorative effect of the Ogee gutter shape is what makes it so popular with homeowners. It is a versatile design that looks good on both modern and traditional styles of housing. And because it is seamless, its sleek, continuous straight lines are not interrupted by joins or brackets. 

Seamless Ogee Gutters 

Our Ogee gutters are made on-site from extruded aluminium using specialist portable machinery. We use pre-coated rolls that can produce single lengths of guttering of up to 30 metres in length. This means that there are no joins along the entire elevation of your property. And because there are no joining pieces there is no chance that the guttering can leak. 
The brackets that hold the guttering in place are on the inside and are not visible from the front. This gives the Ogee style a sleek, uninterrupted aesthetic. 
Cross-section of ogee guttering being extruded from specialist machinery on-site.
Newly installed black ogee guttering.

Ogee Gutters - Durability 

Not only do our gutters look good, but they are built to last. Aluminium is a recyclable metal that does not rust, making it ideal for guttering usage. Our gutters are coated in a choice of three colours with a highly durable Hydrocoat. This is a colourfast coating that is very resistant to extreme sunlight and weather conditions. 

ARP Approved Installers 

Roofline Sussex are approved by ARP to install the Mustang Seamless Gutter system. We have been installing guttering and roofing for over 25 years and have earned a strong reputation in that time. Our team are fully trained, fully qualified and always perform to the highest possible standard. 
The Mustang Seamless Guttering system is guaranteed for 10 years. However, this maintenance-free, durable guttering system should last for over 30 years. 
New white aluminium ogee guttering being installed by a Mustang-approved installer.
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